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About Us

Our Story

Climbmax was established in 2005 by three friends who seriously loved rock climbing. They got a small group of friends together and went to work building the gym themselves. Our cement walls are handmade by climbers, for climbers, with the intent to have an organic and natural rock feel to them, just like outside. Climbmax was absolutely POPPIN’ during its first several years of business. People still talk about the good ol’ days. But Climbmax went though a dark age of neglect, and the gym that was so dear to so many hearts had basically deteriorated to a no-man’s land of sadness for the past decade. UNTIL (drum roll please)… December 1st, 2021, one of the OG Climbmaxers and original builders, Sean Shelton, acquired the business! Woooooot! From hand building these walls in the beginning, to managing the gym back in its hay day, to living and breathing and loving Climbmax for years on end, Sean has officially come full circle as the new owner. And friends, we have been working so hard to bring Climbmax BACK.

Don’t be fooled – we have a long way to go, but with paint jobs, updated gear, hardware, and more, endless cleaning, and a TON of community support, we’ve already come so far! So check it out for yourself, get your climb on, and help us raise from the ashes.

Come Visit Us.

Monday – Friday 3-9pm
Saturday + Sunday 12-7pm
Members only 11am-3pm t/th

1330 W Auto Dr #108, Tempe, AZ 85284

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